Health services

(No Nursing is included in these services). Specifically handling and management of a service user’s medication.

Safe Storage of Medicines in the Service User’s Home, administration of medicines to a Service User in a safe and timely manner. Safe disposal of unwanted or out-of-date medicines. Medication Problems & Errors, Suspected service user Hypothermia. Suspected service user Self-Neglect & Substance abuse. Handling service users with Infectious diseases.

Sleeping Nights

Where we are there to help with bedtime or breakfast time and during the night our carer will be able to sleep, however if there is a problem they are there to help. All you need to do is provide them with a bed for the night. This service provides great reassurance for many clients and can enable the regular carer to have some free time or a more settled night’s sleep.

Respite Services

We often meet wonderful carers who provide all the care they can alone. However, it’s important to give yourself time away. This could be for a few hours to get essential jobs done, or more importantly for longer while you take a holiday to refresh yourself and not lose sight of your own needs. In these cases whether its hours or longer you will want to leave your loved one with the best care while you are away.

Sitting Service

Where we can be there from a few hours to a full day while you take a break or have an evening out or perhaps a day’s shopping trip?

Waking Nights

As it suggests this is when our carer is on duty through the night and will attend and check on our client as required. As above this can be a great help to those carers who simply need a good night’s sleep and is particularly valuable with more complex care needs.